In collaboration with Besharp Indonesia and various communities in Bandung and surrounding areas, Bandung Philharmonic conducts music training specifically for underpriviledged children. Inaugurated in September 2019, the program operates under guidance from Dr Michael Hall (Co-Artistic Director of Bandung Philharmonic) and Fauzie Wiriadisastra (Executive Vice Director of Yayasan Bandung Philharmonic)

At the beginning, Tunas open simultaneously in 3 communities, Rumah Kasih Karunia Foundation Bandung, SOS Kinderdorf Lembang and the BSB Bojongsoang Community. Then in November 2019 the team began to develop community outreach to areas outside the city of Bandung with the opening of the community in Subang and Hope Learning Center Cisarua, Bogor.

The educational program includes introduction and learning the basic of musical instruments, training with various songs and learning the art of performing music. Each of these communities will be evaluated through mini showcase every 3-4 months with one of the main target is to held Tunas Festival at least once a year.


Currently, there are 4 active community ensamble on Tunas Bandung Philharmonic.They are:

1. SOS Kinderdorf Community Ensemble, Lembang



2. Rumah Kasih Karunia Community Ensamble, Parongpong


3. Subang Community Ensamble


4. Hope Learning Center Community Ensamble, Cisarua - Bogor

Program sponsorship of Tunas has been a popular CSR activity for several companies in our area, and remains an opportunity for other companies to demonstrate their community support for education and music.


You can help and support our program through transfer to:

Bank Central Asia (BCA)  

Account Name: Yayasan Bandung Philharmonic

Kantor Cabang: Sudirman, Kota Bandung

No. Rekening: 008 577 7730


Or contact us for more info and collaboration opportunities to:

Airin Efferin (Executive Director) | airinefferin@bandungphilharmonic.org

Office | info@bandungphilharmonic.org | Whatsapp: 082118065573