Bandung Philharmonic is the first professional orchestra in the City of Bandung. The orchestra began with a dream for Bandung to have its own professional symphony orchestra, just like New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore. Founded by Airin Efferin, Fauzie Wiriadisastra, Ronny Gunawan, and Putu Sandra Kusuma in 2015. The start of the orchestra made possible with the help of Robert Nordling along with his partner Michael Hall, who has served as artistic directors for the Bandung Philharmonic since the Bandung Philharmonic was founded until today.

Since the first concert held in January 2016 at Padepokan Seni Mayang Sunda, Bandung Philharmonic has continued to hold symphony concerts, chamber music, music education programs, webinar and many other programs aimed to introduce classical music to Indonesian people especially in Bandung.

Up until now, Bandung Philharmonic has successfully held more than 10 symphony concerts, 11 chamber music, 8 children's music concerts, and established 4 community ensembles that provide free music education for underprivileged children through TUNAS Bandung Philharmonic program.


Our Vision

  • 100 Ensembles in 10 Years

Our Mission

  • Transforming society through orchestral music.
  • Cultural collaboration through quality artistic activities.