Children Music Program

Workshop for Little Writer and Composer

Bandung Philharmonic looking for talented writers and composers from age 8-13 years old. Selected writers and composers will attend a workshop for approximately 3 months to produce a stage musical that will be produced in season 8 of the Bandung Philharmonic.

Program Timeline:

  • Januari 2022: Submission and Announcement for selected writers
  • Februari 2022: Submission and Announcement for selected composers
  • Maret - Mei 2022: Workshop


More info please email to:

Workshop Announcement

Daftar Peserta Terpilih Workshop Penulis dan Komponis Cilik Program Musik Anak Bandung Philharmonic:

1. Bening Untara (Penulis)

2. Syakiila Maulydya (Penulis)

3. Bara Matahari Pagi (Komponis)

4. Naomi Olivia S. (Komponis)

5. Richard Lysander (Komponis)