Aiming to find and appreciate new talents in music composition, every year Bandung Philharmonic holds Young Indonesian Composer Competition. Winner of this competition will be premiered at the Bandung Philharmonic concert. Up until now, Bandung Philharmonic already hold 5 Young Indonesian Composer Competition and received more than 100 new pieces from all over Indonesia.

This year The 6th Young Indonesian Composer Competition is back! 1 Winner from the competition will win Cash prize of Rp2.000.000,00 and World Premiere for the piece by Bandung Philharmonic Orchestra at UNPAR'S PPAG Auditorium June 2024. Read all the requirement below.


- Open for all Indonesian citizens, with maximum age of 35 years old.

- Winner from previous year competitions or Composer whose work has been played by Bandung Philharmonic are NOT ALLOWED to enter this competition.

- Piece written for Orchestra.

- Piece submitted must be an original composition.

- Standard Western notation writing system is required.

- The length of the piece is between 6 to 8 minutes.

- The deadline for submission is March 30, 2024.

- Registration fee is Rp100.000,00.


- Robert Nordling, Artistic Directors of Bandung Philharmonic

- Michael Hall, Artistic Directors of Bandung Philharmonic

- Marisa Sharon Hartanto, Composer in Residence of Bandung Philharmonic

To increase objectivity, assessment will be done blindly (the work read by the jury is anonymous). The judges' decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into by the judges in relation to that decision.


- Send the registration payment to Yayasan Bandung Philharmonic’s account, BCA 2792778888, Dewi Sartika branch.

- Submit the piece and MIDI recording along with the payment receipt and a picture of your ID card/ Passport/ Birth certificate,at the latest, by March 30, 2024 here:

- Upon receiving the piece, registration payment receipt, and ID picture, we will send a random participant code to the participants, e.g. ZXC789.

- The committee will send the piece with the random participant code to the panel of judges.

- Announcement will be made through Bandung Philharmonic’s website, social media, and e-mail on selected dates (Will be informed soon).

- Should there be any enquiries, please contact:


1. Suvenir dari Minangkabau by Arya Pugala Kitti

*  Winner of the 1st Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Wednesday, 23 August 2017 @ Teater Tertutup Dago Tea House

The Souvenir From Minangkabau” was born from the drive to lift the arts of the Indonesian people to a field that can be more widely appreciated, as well as to develop its potential as orchestral music material. This work has semi-abstract relationship with traditional Minang dance music, introducing new colors and harmonies that are categorized as modern. The use of 12 tones as in Western music's tonality - unlike the original music - allows for a more expansive exploitation of harmony.


2. Overture in D major by Filipus Wisnumurti

*  Winner of the 2nd Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Sunday, 02 December 2018 @ Hilton Bandung

"Overture in D Mayor is Filipus Wisnumurti first composition for Brass Ensemble. Overture means opening song that usually used for the opening of Ballet Opera. But now, overture also uses for the opening of Concert. This composition is a concert opener with a form of Sonata. The work itself has a bright character and simple melody which describes our happy expressions when welcoming holidays.


3. Terbangnya Burung by Arya Brahmantya Boga

*  Winner of the 3rd Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Saturday, 30 November 2019 @ Hilton Bandung

Based on a poem entitled Flying Birds / Terbangnya Burung by Sapardi Djoko Damono (1940-2020). Just as the poet carves evocative words in his poetry, this work will evoke various strong emotions that can only be felt through sound.


4. Voices in the Silence by Jeanette Sierra Natalie

*  Winner of the 4th Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Saturday, 26 September 2020; by Virtual Chamber Music "Isolation"

"Talking about Isolation, this word somehow also relate to 'silence'. this piece is written to tell about the voices and atmosphere that exist in the World of the Silence itself. But because it is so abstract, it's hard to find words that can explain about this world. therefore, Jeanette using music to express this abstract world of the silence. as music is able to explain things that can't be explained by words.


5. Saru Pakareman by Rizky Fauzy Ananda

*  Winner of the 5th Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Saturday, 14 May 2022 by Chamber Music "Konser Pemenang Kompetisi Komponis Muda Indonesia Ke 5" @ Auditorium Gedung PPAG UNPAR

Derived from two words 'Saru' which means vague and 'Pakareman' which means a dream that always comes to mind. Saru Pakareman tells about the dream of a young man who met Ki Lengser who was the representative of the king who came to meet and unite with his people. In this work, the composer imitate the sound of traditional musical instruments such as drums and fiddles into stringed instruments.


6. Astra(F)obia by Gavin Wiyanto

*  Winner of the 5th Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Saturday, 14 May 2022 by Chamber Music "Konser Pemenang Kompetisi Komponis Muda Indonesia Ke 5" @ Auditorium Gedung PPAG UNPAR

"It’s not about the thunder itself, but more about psychological result after or during hearing this such a noise. For someone that suffers this phobia (maybe for a long time), he or she will react something, that for the normal people’s assumption is unusual, even considered and/or assumed as “madness”, childish, immature, cowardliness, etc. This psychological situation is described more detail through this composition. 


7. Tales From The Northern Woods by Benedito Pratama

*  Winner of the 5th Young Indonesian Composer Competition

Premiered Saturday, 14 May 2022 by Chamber Music "Konser Pemenang Kompetisi Komponis Muda Indonesia Ke 5" @ Auditorium Gedung PPAG UNPAR

"It was on the 12th of December 2021, when the daydream first crowded the composer mind: an image of a better, peaceful life. A life that is neither caged nor surrounded by the ‘concrete jungle’ that is Jakarta. A few hours later, Benedito was sitting on the piano playing free-improvisation when he accidentally found the chord progression which later becomes the opening of the piece.